The design of 3SC products is absolutely original and immediately recognisable. The aim of the designers is to create the best balance between aesthetics, functionality and comfort. A precise design philosophy that characterises the Tuscan company's entire production.

Believe in the emotions of forms, allows us to dream and to create products full of new energy. The experience and the constant search for materials, painstaking working, all made by skilled Italian hands, are summarized in this catalog with harmony and creativity.


Unlike many other companies, our production is made entirely in Italy, with the collaboration of many artisans, each specializing in their own work, with the aim to maintain and develop our great wealth of expertise which finds its highest in Tuscany expression and that the whole world appreciates.

Our goal is to allow you to create in your bathroom an exciting and enjoyable atmosphere, in addition to daily feature provided by the quality of our products. The floors and walls most beautiful, nice sanitaryware, the furniture important, are not sufficient to take a bath “Super”, we need to complement the decor with the creations 3SC.

Like a beautiful woman with a beautiful dress, what makes her special, are the accessories. For this reason, we continue to believe in the emotions of the forms, in the attention to detail, in the quality of materials and experimentation of new ideas.


We're the Italian Company that offers the widest range of consoles, wash basins, mirrors, Illuminated Mirrors, Bathroom Accessories, Wall lights and Mirror lights, LED lights, radiators, Complements, WC Plaques, Standing Towel, Accessories Hotel, Contract. All these products are offered in Modern and Classic lines, declined in a wide range of finishes.